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Schuetze with Atlético de Madrid in 2018

Kristof Schuetze born (17 August 1994) is a FIFA 14 career German footballer who plays as a striker for Atlético de Madrid and the German National Team.

Club CareerEdit

Schuetze signed with 1. FC Koln  on 3 January 2003 and debuted in the first team in the summer of 2013. Then, in 2015 he was transferred to Hertha BSC where he spent one year. After that, Schuetze signed for Bayern Munich. The second year of his Bayern Munich career he went on loan to 1. FC Koln, his original club. In 2017, Schuezte was received an offer from Arsenal which he accepted and played for the club until 2018. In an interview asking why he left even though he had so much success was due to the fact that, 'There was already a sufficient amount of strikers, such as Aguero, I did not feel I was needed.' In the Summer Transfer Window of 2018 he joined Atlético de Madrid. Although claiming he wishes to stay longer in Atlético de Madrid longer due to the fact that his longest stay was 2 and a half years, he would like to spend the last years of his football career in a Bundesliga team, such as 1. FC Koln, Hertha Berlin, or Borussia Monchengladbach. 

Notable Matches                                                                      Goals
Atlético de Madrid v Levante UD (26 August 2018)        7

Playing StyleEdit

Schuetze began his career playing as an attacking mid-fielder but at the age of 13 he began and remained playing as a striker. Schuetze is a quick player and subsitutes skill moves with it by speeding past defenders. Although he is right-footed, he is fairly capable of shooting accurately with his left foot. 

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Schuetze playing for Atlético de Madrid in 2019 against Levante UD.